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hARMful is a project aimed at making a whole experience for programming video games and interactive 2D/3D applications.

hARMful screenshot

hARMful is a young project, leaded by a single developer. It evolves slowly but many features are expected. Some of them are already implemented and a demonstration video is available. A “✗” symbol indicates that the feature is not yet implemented; a “✓” symbol is used to signal non-graphic features that are implemented.


Features of HOPEful

Features of MINDful

Features of SPITEful

Features of HOPEful


A version development lasts around 18 months (except the Puppy version, for which low-level tools have been developped as well).

Version 1.0 (Puppy)

The first version of hARMful is waited for mid-2020. It is not yet well evolved and it still is a “baby” engine.

Version 1.1 (Poodle)

This version brings user interactions and physics engine. That reminds the pompom of a poodle one can love to touch!

Version 1.2 (Malteser)

Mainly oriented towards an improvements of the rendering, as a Maltese dog with hair styled.

Version 1.3 (Shiba-inu)

Support of modern ARM processors (CPU and GPU).